This site features mostly computer generated and pencil drawn art by Mareena.

Mareena is a college student who perhaps enjoys creating colorful happy artworks as much or more than just about anything else she does. As a grade school student who said she wanted to be an artist when she grew up, Mareena went on to study art beginning in middle school, continued her studies in high school, and has earned awards for several of her creations.

In that Mareena’s coursework must take precedent over her artwork while in college, pieces may be a little slow to reach completion and thus will be randomly added to this page as they are made available.

Currently, all pieces presented here are available for print as ‚Äčall occasion cards as well as wall posters. This provides buyers with opportunities to gift these pieces as posters with matching cards, to choose cards only, or to select particular posters only when shopping for unique happy artworks.

Mareena’s mom has taken on the task of maintaining this site and she hopes all visitors enjoy the beautiful pieces displayed herein.

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