Drawing of Black and White Cat Named Scooter


Scooter Cat in Chair Black and White Pencil Drawing

Colored Pencil Art by Mareena

Scooter sits in a chair of which only a portion of the blue folds are depicted in the drawing. Mareena penciled the drawing using color pencils in February of 2009. Scooter is a family adopted pet and has been Mareena’s favorite cat for many years.

Adorn rooms with this beautiful piece or send it in card form.

Prints are available in two sizes as outlined below.

Card Print Details:
  • Inside cards may be blank to use as note cards or to add your own wording for occasions of your choice; or the card may include buyer requested content.
  • Content is limited to 25 words and must be included in PayPal note at time of order
  • Card size is 5″ x 7″
  • 1 envelope included per each card purchase
  • $3.50 each
Poster Print Details:
  • Poster size is 16″ by 20″
  • Bright colorful glossy shine
  • Adds style and beauty to walls
  • $12.50 each

ALL ORDERS: Allow 5 to 7 days for delivery.

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